Easy, Fast Data Entry Using Photos. No Writing Or Typing.

Just Click an image of the face, ID proof, items, vehicles or documents and let our AI process information, automatically.

For You Or Your Business:

Capture Everything

Create a Directory of Personal or Customer Data. <br>Store Quickly, Share Easily.

Create a Directory of Personal or Customer Data.
Store Quickly, Share Easily.

10X Faster Check-In. No Writing, No Expensive Hardware, No Training. From Attendance, Visitor and Vehicle Management to Capturing Customer Data For Any Business.

Step 1: Click.

Step 2: Capture. 

Step 3: 100% Encrypted Customer Data, Saved & Processed.

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Entrybook to collect, process and store data.

Why Use Entrybook?

We’re The Easiest, Fastest and Most Secure Way To Collect & Share Customer Data


We’ve used the easiest method of data capture by using your mobile camera. Simply click and let our AI do the rest.

Built for Bharat

Built for Bharat

Indian Businesses Have Relied on Paper For Far Too Long. We’re Changing This, Forever.

100% Secure

Encrypted At All Levels, Your Data Is Safe With Us.


Want To Capture A Specific Document Or Set Up A Custom Workflow? Let Us Know.