Office Hoteling

In-office management, office hoteling is becoming more common. Office hoteling has provided Coworking workspaces with greater versatility, productivity, accessibility, and performance, depending on the implementation. It also makes it easier for occupants to form teams nearby.  In a nutshell, hoteling

India’s manufacturing sector faces the threat

The first two months of the New Year 2020 were critical for China when the country saw a tremendous slowdown in its business.  The first case of coronavirus in India was confirmed in January 2020 that spiked panic in people

Reducing equipment downtime with Entrybook

The term predictive maintenance comes from Industry 4.0 and has become an integral part of today’s smart production. Predictive maintenance is basically about using measurement data from machines and systems to determine maintenance intervals of the individual components and machines

Modernizing Factory Visitor Check-In Experience

Manufacturing facilities need a dedicated staff to perform a lot of daily maintenance activities. Important aspect of a manufacturing set up is in maintaining the efficiency of factory operations, maintaining robust security protocols and ensuring regulatory compliance is met, and

Predictive Maintenance is Key in Manufacturing

Predictive maintenance is a proactive maintenance strategy that tries to predict when a piece of equipment might fail so that maintenance work can be performed just before that happens. These predictions are based on the condition of the equipment that

Creating a Workplace Experience When Employees Are...

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed remote work from something that was still seen as a new and innovative idea to an accepted new normal. This swift and dramatic change has unintentionally caused a bit of a crisis when it comes

Are you a COVID-Safe Facility? Here are 5 reasons ...

As several organizations across the country gear up towards reopening facilities while continuing to fight the pandemic, we are faced with a new set of challenges in the workplace. The Government has issued a set of guidelines for the resumption

Version 2.0 Entrybook Release Notes

Updated January 31, 2021  Here’s What’s New in Entrybook 2.0 Release : In the 2.0 Release, Our focus is to make Entrybook more powerful and user-friendly. This release is aimed to save your time, streamline your work, and delight your

Enforcing Visitor Policy In Your Workplace

Any visitor who enters your facility temporarily has the potential to be both a safety and security risk. As a result, it may be wise to address visitors such as vendors, temporary workers, or even family or friends of employees

Connected Workplace and Its Benefits

COVID-19 has transformed our ideas about how and where we work – placing flexibility, adaptability, and technology at the heart of the workplace. This shift in the way we work is just the beginning of a change. As we move