Manufacturing facilities need a dedicated staff to perform a lot of daily maintenance activities. Important aspect of a manufacturing set up is in maintaining the efficiency of factory operations, maintaining robust security protocols and ensuring regulatory compliance is met, and all of this takes up a lot of focus.

With so much on the plate, the last thing an employee wants to worry about is possible security threats at the factory front gate. 

80% of manufacturing plants in India are still using a paper log book to track visitors. This is not just a lengthy & distracting process but also leads to a lot of manual errors and miscommunication. 

Whether you have multiple entrances or multiple locations, it is important to have clarity on who is entering the facility, their intent and the duration of their stay inside the plant.

It is also of utmost importance to protect the intellectual property, your staff and the visitors entering your premises. Having said that, it is also crucial to prevent unwanted or dangerous guests from gaining access to your facilities.

Not just watching who enters or leaves your facility is important, it is also important to ensure the visitors are accounted for and an evacuation plan when they’re inside your facility. 

Having a digital platform allows employees to keep track of visitors, ensuring they do not waste time in making manual entries at the front gate and even improve operational efficiency by attending to visitors in a more organized manner.

You can also incorporate safety training videos on the application, to ensure when a visitor checks in, your staff will be able to immediately send evacuation alerts to everyone in the system who has logged in as a visitor for the day and is inside the premises.

A compliance-friendly platform can help you keep track of numerous regulations, automate your procedures, and leave you feeling rest assured.

Entrybook provides you a centralized digital platform for registering every guest at your manufacturing premise.

Entrybook ensures that only visitors, delivery executives approved by the administration or the staff inside the manufacturing facility gain access to the premises, enhancing security and unlocking a host of other benefits.

It allows convenient verification of all visitors entering the premises, to the admin inside the manufacturing setup, by sending notifications / alerts on their mobile application / desktop application. Only upon approval from the admin, will the visitor gain entry to the manufacturing set up ensuring safety round the clock.

Also, In case of an emergency situation inside the factory, the admin can raise an alarm to main gate security in just a couple of clicks.

Entrybook helps you smoothly transition to a digitized check-in platform, avoiding all the messy paperwork, making it more organized and efficient.

Talk to our experts to understand how Entrybook provides digital check inexperience. Click here to learn more.

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